Centre for Social Innovation


Seeing all the social problems around us, drive us to take a moment and rethink how we could contribute more to our society. In this fast changing world, we do believe that we need a different approach and more innovations to find better solutions for all the social problems.

Hope Magiccircle Initiative could serve as a platform that allow more space for everyone to contribute, connect and grow together. Do share with us your thoughts and feel free to join this humanity mission. Warm welcome to Magiccircle Family, Circle of Social Innovators

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Centre for Social Innovation
Local Community Development
Potential and Problem Mapping
Connecting Resources
For Better Quality of Life

Sei Beduk District ~ Batam Pilot Project




Energy of Creativity
and Innovation


Magiccircle Initiative

This magiccircle package symbolizes the energy of creativity and innovation, the key elements of magiccircle initiative campaign.

The Magiccircle Package is a medium for us to spread the mission of this initiative.

One set of magiccircle with 6 pieces of circle and 11 colourful pens can create unlimited design of new forms of circle symbolize the unlimited possibilities we have when come to creativity and innovation.

A series of 8 Postcards summarize the highlight of sharing programs that focus on how we can explore the unlimited human potential and how to apply it to solve the social problems with the energy of creativity and innovation.

KIndly find our overall serving plan and many ways to support Magiccircle Initiative in our free e-book "Social Innovators". Feel free to download it.

Magiccircle Set can be used to stimulate creativity and brain balancing. For more technical details or order please visit
Magiccircle Edu-Store

All the profits made from selling Magiccircle Package will be donated to support the free sharing , training or workshop program specially for those in need and facing difficult times.