Centre for Social Innovation
Serving Plan

We never know how far a small intention could take us to the higher purpose until we keep it alive through continuous real action.

We do our best to design this centre in the way to ensure that all the process of our serving plan will be able to cater for our local community needs in the long run. This centre will serve as Research Point, Data Management, Resources Management, Program Development, Strategic Development Centre, Learning Centre, Operational Centre and Collaboration Centre for Local Community Development.


People Matter
See Beyond Numbers

After a long service journey, we have come to the point of realization that we should look into holistic perspectives and touch to the root of the social problems not only the symptoms. In the bottom line we could see that it's all about people

People-Centred Development.
This humanity lab will serve
on any area related
to Life Happiness.

We will work together
on how we could
build stronger community
and support each other for
the better quality of life for all

Highlight Program
@ Unlimited Human Potential
@ Rumah Gotong Royong
Reduced Inequalities
Any profit business could always
have social business
to give back more to society.

Anyone at any scale of business
could run in the social business system.

In the end it's all about
responsibility as a human being.

Highlight Program
@ DNA of Entrepreneurship
@ Social-Business Accelerator
Social-Environment Interconnection
We will work together
to solve any related
environmental problem around us
start from everyone's home.
We should come to awareness
that everyone can play a big role
to preserve nature by doing
a simple and small act.

Highlight Program
@ Sustainable Development
@ Circular Economy & Environment
Integrated Innovation Centre
A community partnering project
serving for people from worldwide,
all walks of life and all generations

Creating more space
to allow everyone to interact
and touch more humanity values
bring together human technology
and modern technology in daily life

Highlight Program
@ Energy of Collaboration
@ Life Balancing Point