Circle of Social Innovators

Welcome people from all walks of life who have calling for social services. Let's collaborate !!!

Whether we realize it or not, our entire life are about doing service no matter what kind of position we have

The only different is who we serve and at what level of our consciousness when we do the service

Serving is a nature calling for all human beings.This is the reason why when we have too much focus to our ego-self we tend to feel empty inside ourselves

Let's lead a more meaningful life by serving more to others. If you feel resonate with our initiative feel free to join us

Along our service journey we have come to more understanding on what the support needed by our local communities. In the other hand we also found some people who were willing to serve but do not know what is the best way to go

That inspire us to design magiccircle initiative with the development of community networks that allow people to support each other for the greater good

Everyone can be a social innovator and serve in any way possible

Circle of Unity

Local Community Development will be the key serving plan of Magiccircle Initiative

We fully realized that the plan will only possible if we can bring together all the stakeholders to support the entire mission specially the 5 elements :: Community , Government , Business, Academician and Media

We reflect the spirit through the logo of magiccircle. The outer circle symbolize the circle of unity , unite all for one end goal :: NO ONE LEFT BEHIND

Through magiccircle initiative we have integrated the Global Goal (SDG) mission specially number 10, 11 and 17 , the ASEAN Community mission that aim for peace and prosperity, our country mission to have social justice for all, our Batam City mission for "Batam Bandar Dunia Madani" and every human being mission in the personal level :: Life Happiness

Hopefully the pilot project of community development at Sei Beduk District could reflect the entire mission for all


For all our social media channels we will use the username @magiccircleid

You could find our update activities at all our social media channels

The channels will serve as a community sharing channel and as our edu-store promoting channel as well to support all our social campaigns.

We are very excited to serve all of you very soon.

Do not miss out Magiccircle Initiative Official Launching and the upcoming collaboration event with Dynamic International on 28th June 2019 and The Public Discussion about Sei Beduk on 7th July 2019

Going through deep consideration and caring thought from all perspectives, we wish that the design of Magiccircle Initiative could benefit anyone who get connected