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There are many ways you could support Magiccircle Initiative. We have designed many programs and channels of service. Choose what you relate more

We have been preparing community development program for Sei Beduk District start with sharing program and comprehensive potential and problem mapping

We will involve all stakeholders to put their best ideas, thoughts and contribution to identify the social problems and work on what is the best for Sei Beduk Community.

From that process we will see how we can connect our internal resources to solve the problems and grow the potential. We only bring in new resources if needed by Sei Beduk community.

Even though we have done some initial mapping on Sei Beduk area and have some initial programs in plan. However the call will on the community itself whether they want to execute our ideas or have other plans. We will decide the best way to go during the research journey. Because it's not about us. It's all about the community

Please feel free to follow all our social medias and the youtube channel for the update on the community development program. Talk to us if you have anything to tell us. Stay connected !!!