Everyone Can Contribute
No One Left Behind

Have a deep thought on how we are going to define the DNA of Magiccircle Initiative, have the clarity of what we really stand for and how we are going to build an integrated and interconnected mission for the entire community development plan. Finally we realize that our core mission will be creating more space for everyone to contribute and leave no one behind


We have selected Sei Beduk District, Batam as our pilot project of service by taking into consideration of many years of relationship with the existing local community, the diversity of the community, the potential and resources for further development

Design with Love
For True Life Happiness

Centre for Social Innovation - Sei Beduk
We are now on the final preparation to start our social campaign to support our early stage serving plan. The research and learning program will start soon and follow by set up of the official Centre at Sei Beduk District. Plan to be at two units of double storey shop houses, 1st floor will be used as operational centre (research and marketing centre), 2nd floor will be designed as creative studio and multi purpose community hall. We would love to have best wishes, thoughts, prayers and great support from everyone.
Sei Beduk for Creative and Educational Tourism
With all the existing resources and the future potential resources at Sei Beduk, we decided to work further to encourage all the stakeholders to support Sei Beduk for Creative and Educational Tourism. We believe this mission will allow massive involvement from the local communities and will help the local economic growth in the long run. We have started to work on and lay down the foundation to make this community partnering project possible and give the most benefit for all stakeholders.
Data and Resources Management
This will be the backbone of our overall serving plan. With the right identification on the problems and the potential mapping, hope would give us a better understanding and lead us to take the right action when come to execution of the serving plan. We will run Public Discussion, Master Mind Group, Personal and Specific Group Discussion, public surveys and any possible connection channels to support our overall research programs.

Centre for Social Innovation Batam

Rumah Gotong Royong
This social learning group will be catered for whoever needed for their personal growth but will be given priority for those who need most. We will learn together how the basic understanding to the Law of Nature could help us explore our unlimited potential to cope with any life changes, deal with the daily life problems, how to support each other, cultivate the service heart, connect with the energy of creativity and innovation, live a more meaningful and happier life with dignity.

People Development, Humanity Lab, Matahati Foundation

Social-Business Accelerator
Two main social problems that we would like to address are the unemployment and the poverty issue. We will set up Social-Business Accelerator to help serve with two main roles. 1st : Do a comprehensive mapping and build a collaborative system to support the Micro and SME business growth. 2nd : Build community partnering business project that allow massive involvement from the community. These will be fully supported by the Research and Humanity Lab division.

Economic Development, Social Business Framework

Ecosophy Centre
The first focus will be on the psychical and the non-psychical waste. Our Service Plan will be : Do a comprehensive mapping of psychical and non-psychical waste, how to reduce the production, how to process and how to design the flow of the circular economy and social-environment interconnection to make the community partnering project possible. Most people did not realize that human emotional waste has the big effect for sustainable community as well.

Sustainable Development, Ecosophy Framework

Integrated Innovation Centre
This will be our dream community partnering project at Sei Beduk that reflect the overall humanity mission. This centre will serve as multi purpose community centre for education, social, economic and culture in the bigger scale, connecting all the resources at all levels and grow the local talents to become the global talents as well. With the strategic positioning of Batam, we would love to serve through this centre to support Batam as one of Global Economic Centre.

Life Balancing Point, Global Community Framework